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Just Jeans & A T-Shirt

Sometimes less is more. Blue jeans. White T-shirt. Being able to rock this simple look requires someone of extraordinary beauty. Luckily, Jazmine has plenty of that and then some. She makes this look effortless and a little bit too easy.

Traces of Dichotomy – Lesha’s Portraits

These portraits were taken late last summer, in a few different locations around Albuquerque, New Mexico. Lesha is not your average pretty face. I will say however, she has an extraordinary look, bone structure and captivating set of piercing blue eyes. Body modifications are obviously part of her personal style as are pretty lacy things, […]
A Man and His Machine – Albuquerque Volcanoes

A Man and His Machine – Albuquerque Volcanoes

Late last year, I had the fantastic opportunity to work with Dennis Foulkrod; a local actor, writer, director and all around jack-of-all film-making trades. The man brought his Harley out to the desert and I used the power of off-camera studio lighting to capture the strength and awesomeness of man and machine. This was probably […]

Christina in black, white and B&W

I’ve been trying to come up with any number of superlatives to describe this photo shoot with Christina. “Elegant”? “Sophisticated”? “Poised”? “Beautiful”? All of the above? Once again, this is a case of my extreme gratitude having the opportunity to help make a woman look and feel absolutely beautiful while doing something that I love.

The Fashionably Fabulous Amber

Remember Amber? She’s back and looking better than ever. This is another example of me (proverbially speaking) punching through the walls of my own creativity, for both shooting and post processing. For those curious, no, Amber is not a “professional model” although in my opinion, she looks like one. For lack of a better term, […]

Dion Jae & Rico Rich – Downtown ABQ

Urban photo shoot in downtown Albuquerque (New Mexico) with two crazy cats, Dion Jae & Rico Rich. Need I say we had a fantastic time? Looking back through my blog posts, I find that I always say, “I had a fantastic time” as obviously I love what I have the opportunity to do; however, when […]

The First Birthday Party

Our lives are dominated by firsts. From the time we take our first breath to our first steps, first birthday and onward we see and live our lives through our newest experiences and each one should be celebrated. Although some firsts are celebrated more than others, they are all as truly unique as we all […]

Envee like Envy

Working with Envee was great. We took a walking tour of some of Albuquerque’s scariest and most urban smelliest and most dirty alleyways, hopping between dumpsters and braving the native curious onlookers to get our late evening photos. Not only was Envee brave, but she was up for just about anything. Envee is an up […]