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Sharp Dressed Men – Portraits Downtown Albuquerque

No, you’re not seeing double. Sean and Dylan are probably the most handsome set of identical twins I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet within my lifetime. They are sharp, dapper and in this series of photographs certainly fall into the category of “well dressed men.” I will say, in the history of ever having […]

Silly Studio Photos – Good vs. Evil

Every Wednesday night, there is a fantastic community resource available for all levels of photographers, models, makeup artists and stylists called Guerrilla Photo Group in downtown Albuquerque. It is free, open to all who are interested in learning, collaborating and sharing. I try to make it down as often as possible to hone my studio […]

Dion Jae & Rico Rich – Downtown ABQ

Urban photo shoot in downtown Albuquerque (New Mexico) with two crazy cats, Dion Jae & Rico Rich. Need I say we had a fantastic time? Looking back through my blog posts, I find that I always say, “I had a fantastic time” as obviously I love what I have the opportunity to do; however, when […]

Rachel & Chris’ Albuquerque Engagement Session

Rachel and Chris decided to get their engagement photos done not only in downtown Albuquerque (New Mexico), but over at the Rio Grande Bosque as well. We headed out about an hour before sunset and grabbed as many photos as possible. We had time for a few clothing changes and had a great time, walking […]

Jeff & Lindsey’s Engagement Portraits

I know, I know… I’m not supposed to have a “favorite”. Clients are supposed to be like children. They are to be loved unconditionally and treated as equals and you’re never, ever supposed to have a “favorite”. But I do, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. This is my favorite couple so far this […]

Envee like Envy

Working with Envee was great. We took a walking tour of some of Albuquerque’s scariest and most urban smelliest and most dirty alleyways, hopping between dumpsters and braving the native curious onlookers to get our late evening photos. Not only was Envee brave, but she was up for just about anything. Envee is an up […]