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The Beautiful People – Couple Portraits Albuquerque

The Beautiful People – Couple Portraits Albuquerque

Given the fact that these two never met before this portrait session, I believe they did rather well. Being able to convey intimacy, emotion and casual indifference in photographs is hard enough, but these two were rock stars. Clicking on any of these images will take you to an image licensing page.
1950 Cadillac Convertible Model Photoshoot

1950 Cadillac Convertible Model Photoshoot

Title pretty much explains it all. This is another Cadillac which will be going up for auction within the next few months… Photographed “strobist” style, with two small flashes, no modifiers. These photos were taken with my iPhone and the Hipstamatic App during the photoshoot. Fun. Want to see more stuff from my iPhone?
Fine Art Portraits – Bosque, Albuquerque

Fine Art Portraits – Bosque, Albuquerque

A selection of my favorite photographs from this lovely outdoor fashion/editorial photoshoot taken down at the Rio Grande Bosque in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Playing dress-up is fun. Playing dress up on a windy, wintry drab kind of day and making the most out of it is even better. Sandia looked gorgeous and the ethereal, dark-yet-playful […]

Traces of Dichotomy – Lesha’s Portraits

These portraits were taken late last summer, in a few different locations around Albuquerque, New Mexico. Lesha is not your average pretty face. I will say however, she has an extraordinary look, bone structure and captivating set of piercing blue eyes. Body modifications are obviously part of her personal style as are pretty lacy things, […]

A Man and His Machine – Albuquerque Volcanoes

Late last year, I had the fantastic opportunity to work with Dennis Foulkrod; a local actor, writer, director and all around jack-of-all film-making trades. The man brought his Harley out to the desert and I used the power of off-camera studio lighting to capture the strength and awesomeness of man and machine. This was probably […]

Christina in black, white and B&W

I’ve been trying to come up with any number of superlatives to describe this photo shoot with Christina. “Elegant”? “Sophisticated”? “Poised”? “Beautiful”? All of the above? Once again, this is a case of my extreme gratitude having the opportunity to help make a woman look and feel absolutely beautiful while doing something that I love.

The Fashionably Fabulous Amber

Remember Amber? She’s back and looking better than ever. This is another example of me (proverbially speaking) punching through the walls of my own creativity, for both shooting and post processing. For those curious, no, Amber is not a “professional model” although in my opinion, she looks like one. For lack of a better term, […]

Albuquerque Autumn Bosque Portraits

Missing Autumn yet? I know I sure am. These portraits were taken a few weeks ago down at the Bosque here in Albuquerque New Mexico. The Bosque is a strip of land by the River (The Rio Grande) which runs through our fair city.

Katalya – Naughty or Nice? – Fine Art Portraits

I have had a lot of people ask me questions about this series of art style portraits of Katalya, so I will do my best to try to answer them here in one incredibly long and somewhat unprofessional run-on sentence. Feel free to ask more in the comments below and I will do my best […]

The Beautiful Jane – Portraits

Not long ago, I had an opportunity to photograph Jane outdoors, on a bike trail off of Paseo del Norte in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Despite the long walk over the river and through the woods, we had a fantastic time.

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