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Got Soup? (Food Photography)

Got Soup? (Food Photography)

One of the occupational hazards of shooting food photography professionally is being invited to eat the food… lots of it. So it goes without saying that when the wonderful people over at Sup (pronounced ’süp) called me up, I was excited about photographing organic, fresh, farm-to-table wholesome food. In the following photos, I chose to […]

Happy Easter – Sensual Portraits

May be NSFW depending on where you W. Over this past weekend, Katalya and I managed to sneak in an hour long sexy photo shoot. We also added some chicks and bunny ears and called it Easter themed. I am sure somewhere there is someone looking at these photos – aghast as apparently this isn’t […]

Just Jeans & A T-Shirt

Sometimes less is more. Blue jeans. White T-shirt. Being able to rock this simple look requires someone of extraordinary beauty. Luckily, Jazmine has plenty of that and then some. She makes this look effortless and a little bit too easy.

Christina in black, white and B&W

I’ve been trying to come up with any number of superlatives to describe this photo shoot with Christina. “Elegant”? “Sophisticated”? “Poised”? “Beautiful”? All of the above? Once again, this is a case of my extreme gratitude having the opportunity to help make a woman look and feel absolutely beautiful while doing something that I love.

The Fashionably Fabulous Amber

Remember Amber? She’s back and looking better than ever. This is another example of me (proverbially speaking) punching through the walls of my own creativity, for both shooting and post processing. For those curious, no, Amber is not a “professional model” although in my opinion, she looks like one. For lack of a better term, […]

The First Birthday Party

Our lives are dominated by firsts. From the time we take our first breath to our first steps, first birthday and onward we see and live our lives through our newest experiences and each one should be celebrated. Although some firsts are celebrated more than others, they are all as truly unique as we all […]

Party of 8 – Family Portrait Session

This very large (by my standards) and beautiful family was warm and welcoming, and working with them was delightful. Large, on-location family portraits can sometimes be challenging, but this was one of those times when working didn’t feel like work at all. Gracious and humorous, and willing to step out of the proverbial box to […]