1940 Cadillac Convertible

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I had the opportunity to work with this stunning classic car. This is a 1940 Cadillac Convertible. Only 75 of this style were made, and only 4 are known to still be in existence. I think for the right price, this one could be yours. I’m not sure if it is still for sale (as of 12-01-2011), but at the time these photos were taken, it was going up for auction.

Let’s just say that I was invited to sit in the drivers seat, which necessitated a call to my insurance company to make sure I had enough personal liability coverage to even think about it. (I did. It was amazing.) The estimated value is well into the six figures, as the car has been restored to all of the original manufacturer specifications inside and out and yes, it runs as beautifully as it looks.


  1. Thanks Daniel!
    I was actually allowed up in it to steer (we pushed it to this spot for the photos). It’s an amazing car, but definitely a chauffered ride back in the day.

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