Got Soup? (Food Photography)

Got Soup? (Food Photography)

One of the occupational hazards of shooting food photography professionally is being invited to eat the food… lots of it. So it goes without saying that when the wonderful people over at Sup (pronounced ’süp) called me up, I was excited about photographing organic, fresh, farm-to-table wholesome food. In the following photos, I chose to demonstrate the healthy and delicious feel-good-good-for-you fare in the most colorful and visual way possible.

If you find yourself in Santa Fe New Mexico and need something quick and easy and not loaded down with calories and carbs, check this place out. You’ll be glad you did. Bonus: The dishes are not only healthy but many are vegetarian and gluten free too (even the cookies). Gluten Free? Delicious? You betcha.

You can follow the head chef, Anthony Damiano on Twitter as well @SoupinSantaFe.


  1. You are a truly multi talented photographer. Food photography is just another facet to your multitude of talents. Gorgeous photographs of mouth watering food.

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