Latin Fusion Food Photography

Not too long ago, a little restaurant opened in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico called La Pasion Latin Fusion.

It can only be described as a combination of many different “wow” flavor combinations. Some of the dishes have influences from Venezuela, some from Mexico, some from Brazil and some from even here in New Mexico. The best part of all of this? Everything is made from scratch.

I had the opportunity to see all of the behind-the-scenes magic in action before the restaurant opened, in the test kitchen.

I sampled all of the dishes (for science of course) and photographed them for the marketing and advertising you see up on Urban Spoon, Groupon, and other places on the web.

If you are feeling adventurous and want to try something new in Albuquerque, please give them a try. Tell them Solaria sent you. 🙂

Have a local restaurant? Need great food photography for marketing, social media and advertising? I am always looking to collaborate and network with local business owners to create great images for small businesses (and even not so small businesses). It is easier and far less expensive than you may think. Under certain conditions some qualifying shoots are even free.*

*Free – yes, for food photography. Only for local businesses, within the city of Albuquerque. Legal documents and waivers must be signed. Conditions and restrictions may apply. Contact for more information. Only applies to food photography.

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