Have Food? Will Travel!

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I have never really enjoyed watching “The Travel Channel”. I can think of nothing I would rather watch less, than a television show featuring a perky model/personality on vacation. To the shows’ credit, there is usually a feature within any given production that has the above mentioned glam unit pontificating about vauge and historical qualities of a specific locale. Which is kind of nice. But overly scripted. Not genuine. Boring.
Not too long ago, I discovered Anthony Bourdain’s travel show, “No Reservations”. From the first moment I started watching the show, I was absolutely mesmerized. I couldn’t turn away. I programmed the TiVo to record ALL of his shows. This guy is a genius and refreshingly different. He is more entertaining than anyone else I’ve ever seen before on television, much less The Travel Channel. Granted, it took me about five episodes to figure out that he was a chef (I am horribly uncultured and don’t get out much, not even on TV), and another three to learn that he’s an author as well.
Yes, some people have called him offensive. Yes, there are parental warnings before every segment of his show. But he is funny. He is charming. He is intelligently snarky (which is a quality I greatly admire).

…and what does this have to do with photography?
Specifically, my photography?

Coincidentally, I’ve gotten into shooting tabletop food photography of late. I am most certainly not any kind of food stylist (although I’m learning), and everything I’ve actually worked with thus far has required travel all the way to my fridge, but in discovering the subtle complexities within food, while shooting food — lighting, composition and yes, style — and watching this program, has given me a something of a new lease on my perspective.

I am finding myself wanting to travel. Wanting to go “on location” and shoot great foods with great style.
I am finding myself inspired.
All over again.

I love shooting weddings, and other people’s kids — don’t get me wrong, but if I thought I could make my fortune pay my rent by shooting food exclusively, I would.
It’s that much fun.
(by the way, he has a blog, and it’s great as well.)