May Flowers in Albuquerque New Mexico

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Since the dawn of humankind, our species has been governed by the seasons within our environment. Throughout most temperate climates, we are affected through our senses, health and emotions because of these changes in the weather and climate. Even here in Albuquerque New Mexico this is no different. We enjoy four fairly mild seasons (ignore my Twitter feed, I’m spoiled and sometimes grumble about the weather) and New Mexico is more than a “just a barren wasteland”.

Over the past several weeks, the cold and lonely winter has given way to spring and its incredible beauty. It is with this first day of May that I would to celebrate that in this different sort of blog post.


It has been some years since I have posted nature photos. In fact, I haven’t focused on nature photos, since leaving Chicago, Illinois, some time ago.

Speaking of which, next month marks my family’s six month anniversary here in Albuquerque, New Mexico and, I have decided to take a little time to explore the more natural side of this area; if there is a genuine interest, share the photos here. I do drive around and take photos a lot, I would like to see more – so much more.


So: flowers. My personal celebration and show of gratitude for spring in this area. Most of these are from a trip to Albuquerque’s Botanical Gardens (if you live here and don’t have a pass, you should consider getting one – good for all three Bio Parks; not a paid sponsor, just an advocate).

Yes, I am a walking cliche, a sucker for a pretty flower. I am more than delighted that spring has finally sprung and the flowers are out in full force.