Jessi & Sean’s Rock & Roll Wedding

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Jessi & Sean’s wedding was a taste of tradition with an entirely unique flavor.
Dawn asked me out to photograph this event along side her, and I had the opportunity to not only meet a really great couple, but I had a wonderful time participating in this wedding.

We did a mock “pin-up” session while the girls got ready, the processional consisted of an envoy of Vespas, the ceremony included a game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, the couple exchanged ink stamps (where the permanent tattoos will later go) instead of rings, and the bouquet consisted of artichokes, cabbage, sprouts and a vast assortment of greenery as opposed to flowers. Oh, and the bride wore pink. Not in her hair, but her actual hair. And converse sneakers for the reception, following the Mary Janes for the ceremony. Did I tell you this wedding Rocked? It did, in so many spectacular ways.