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Rachel & Chris’ Wedding – 2010

My favorite wedding of the year last year — by far, was that of Rachel & Chris. For the record, I hold Rachel personally responsible for my new addiction to BCBG. Look at that dress! Thanks you two, I had a fantastic time shooting your big day, and hope that you both have a wonderful […]
Albuquerque Bridal Portraits With Style – Rachel

Albuquerque Bridal Portraits With Style – Rachel

This series of bridal photos was done one week before the actual wedding. Rachel has a really great venue (Hotel Albuquerque) and they were open and willing to allow us to come in and shoot a session on a separate day. We had a great time doing these photos as we had free run of […]

Leann & Dan (Venetian Masquerade Ball Wedding)

This beautiful Venetian Masquerade Ball themed wedding was held at The Hotel Albuquerque. I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries and questions about this particular wedding, as apparently the masked theme is very popular. There is not a whole lot that I can say about the dress, the masks, the decor and the like, except […]