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Prime Rib Roast Beef – Food Photography

Prime Rib Roast Beef – Food Photography

Who doesn’t love a juicy and delicious cut of prime rib? Okay, to be fair, I am sure there are plenty. However, I have always been a meat and potatoes sort of woman and this is my idea of heaven. I had an opportunity to spend some quality alone time with this roast while bringing […]
Happy Easter – Sensual Portraits

Happy Easter – Sensual Portraits

May be NSFW depending on where you W. Over this past weekend, Katalya and I managed to sneak in an hour long sexy photo shoot. We also added some chicks and bunny ears and called it Easter themed. I am sure somewhere there is someone looking at these photos – aghast as apparently this isn’t […]

Diana’s Commercial Photoshoot

We had a great time taking photos of these products. We threw in a little bit of glamour, a little bit of functionality and a whole lot of silliness. Not only can Diana do glamour quite well, but she can pull off “the girl next door” in the same photo shoot which is quite impressive, […]

Touch of Jazmine

Jazmine is great – we had a lot of fun this past Sunday on her first photo shoot. We’ve been meaning to get together for a session, for at least eight months. Now that she’s in the door, we’re going to have a great time working together. I love that I get the opportunity to […]

Who says blondes get to have all of the fun?

Despite her incredibly busy schedule (not to mention my own), I was delighted for the opportunity to work with this fabulous local model. This gorgeous woman can go from sweet and innocent to naughty vixen in the blink of an eye and has an incredible gift of expression with those piercing blue eyes.

Diana’s Studio Portraits

Working with Diana, a local model and actress has been a great experience. She is expressive, funny and very versatile with a number of different styles, looks and concepts. Not only can she do a flawless impression of Oprah Winfrey (as Sophia in the Color Purple) “you told Harpo to beat me!!!” (it was really […]