The Fantastic Five – A big senior session

Now that Father’s Day has come and gone, I can finally share the incredibly fun senior/family session that I had nearly a month ago with the 5 coolest young adults I’ve met to date. (This photography was the Father’s Day gift, to their Dad)

Megan, Seth, TJ, Levi and and Brennan were not only fun to work with (willing to do just about anything for a great photo), but really down to earth and extraordinarily polite. Just the nicest group of kids I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. (I can’t say it enough!)

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  1. I’m the “Father’s Day” daddy of the fantastic 5 – and this was by far the biggest surprise & most personal present I’ve ever rcv’d… As you can see I have a lot to be proud of!!! These guys are more than just cute, funny, polite, etc… They have the biggest hearts of anyone I know! I have a lot of respect for these young guy’s, they’ve earned it… I’m also very thankful they take after their Mom, she’s pretty incredible too! Thanks for giving me a way to show-off my babies to all my friends and family… you’re awesome!

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