The Subjects of Photography

Sometimes we photographers are the worst type of photography client. As a matter of fact, I don’t know too many other photographers who enjoy getting themselves photographed. We often joke that it’s the reason we stick behind the camera instead of in front of it.

Also, as photographers, we tend to notice not only the smallest personal flaw within ourselves (take into account, that most of us stare into faces for the better part of our days), but we notice the photo-flaws too. Things that most mortals (the average consumer), wouldn’t even look twice at.

When Amy Parish and I got together last week (of Amy Parish Photography), she protested that she wasn’t a “very good model” but was game for whatever. We had a ton of fun, and these pictures turned out well! Most importantly, she was pleased – and, well, this means, I’m next. To be photographed. And yeah, I’m not really excited about that. She’s a fantastic photographer, I just… well… I don’t make a very good “model”. Really.

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