Mike & Caroline’s Wedding

“It is so nice to know that Chivalry Isn’t Dead…” Was the opening to a letter that the groom, wrote to the parents of the bride in the UK, when he formally asked for her hand in marriage.

This perfectly describes this beautiful union between Mike & Caroline, as was evident in their photos. Despite what it may look like, some of these photos were not staged. One big component of my shooting “style” is to capture the couple “as is” during the most intimate moments of what is typically a very stressful day.

In the photo on the left below, shortly after the ceremony, Mike actually got down on one knee and was telling Caroline how much he loved her in a very sweet and intimate moment and I took it upon myself to pay attention and capture this moment. I am so glad I did. Most assume it is posed when they look at it, and I don’t try to argue the point; but when the newlyweds saw this photo afterwards, they were in disbelief that I captured it as they weren’t aware that I was even in the room.

Some of the more formal portraits below are obviously staged, and at some point during weddings, posing is required per industry standards, but I do prefer a more intimate look, as opposed to the stiff and rigid formality because some people do freeze in front of a camera. As a matter of fact… I think we poke fun of that very rigid formality in another photo below…


  1. OH MY GOSH!!!! These photos are awesome. Can’t wait to see the entire array. To quote Angei “YOU ROCK”

    Stay in touch


  2. I agree. The kneeling one is really cool. I did that on a total lark and didn’t even know Angela was taking pix of it until I got up and she said “Do that again, I’m not done!!!!”.
    You were a total blast. I can’t wait to see the whole truck load you guys shot.


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